Concussion Confusion

There is a funny, yet worrying, story told from the 1980 All Ireland football final. As the Kerry players enter the tunnel at half time Mike Sheehy is commended for his contribution with a goal in the opening half. “Nice goal”, says the Doc. “Goal? What goal?”, replies Mike. The team doctor showed concern and… Continue reading Concussion Confusion

Running at Stupid O’Clock

One cold December morning at an ungodly hour in 2014 I found myself flung across the flora and fauna of the Dublin mountains unsure of the source of the pain I was experiencing and asking myself: “What the hell are you doing?” Trying to squeeze running into my schedule while working full time, studying for my MSc… Continue reading Running at Stupid O’Clock

Treat children like children, not mini adults

“Sure stick him in corner forward. He’ll have the beating of their corner back for pace”, said every gaelic football club manager ever as the rising 16 year old star makes his premature debut for the senior team. Often times this 16 year old might not even be that particularly talented, numbers are just low on the day and… Continue reading Treat children like children, not mini adults

Stop!….Hammer Time

After 6 years of continued studying, 4 in Ireland and the latter 2 in Scotland, I returned home and successfully secured employment near to home.  Leaving was a big deal for me at the time but having kept myself reasonably active while away playing Gaelic football and running more I still felt I had unfinished business… Continue reading Stop!….Hammer Time

‘Tis the season to be screening

Let me introduce this topic with some food for thought by putting forward two scenarios. Scenario 1: You’ve diligently stuck with the training as per the marathon training plan you downloaded online. Even the hill work and tedious long runs on Sunday mornings. You’re on track to complete your first marathon but as you approach the 22… Continue reading ‘Tis the season to be screening

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

It was 1998, just another year for most people. But for me it was the year that ignited my desire to play football with Kildare. The Lilywhites had reached the All Ireland football Final, something that had not been seen since 1935 and has not been replicated since, and my Dad and I had been… Continue reading “We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Low Back Pain: Can it be stopped

It’s a distant memory now but my wife and I were recently reminiscing about life before children; a couple of sneaky pints on a Sunday afternoon, watching a football or rugby game uninterrupted in its entirety, sleeping more than 5 hours in any given night (again uninterrupted), not having to squeeze a run in at 5am… Continue reading Low Back Pain: Can it be stopped

The ‘Which Running Shoe?’ debate

Born To Run by Christopher McDougall (2009) ignited a long awaited world wide debate on the multi million dollar industry that is the running shoe. Since then the debate has continued and the market has adapted accordingly. The worlds’ leading shoe manufacturers shifted their beliefs about supportive cushioning and ‘air’ filled gel heels to accommodate the modern,… Continue reading The ‘Which Running Shoe?’ debate