Can we rub the pain away?

-“Dock leaf, dock leaf in and out. Take the sting of the nettle out. Ok is it better now?”. -“No. What about you maybe kiss it better Daddy??” -“Ok. Mmmmwahhhh!!!. Well? Better now?” I think my 2 1/2 year old boy Charlie has an idea in his head of what I do as a physiotherapist. He does… Continue reading Can we rub the pain away?

The Running Technology Boom

  Hover boards. Hand held tablet computers. Wireless video games. Video conferencing. Wide screen TV’s, wall mounted no less. All things that in 1989 when watching ‘Back to the Future II’ were unimaginable. But these are just some of the things that have actually happened since then (yes even hover boards). Many of us on a… Continue reading The Running Technology Boom

Running at Stupid O’Clock

One cold December morning at an ungodly hour in 2014 I found myself flung across the flora and fauna of the Dublin mountains unsure of the source of the pain I was experiencing and asking myself: “What the hell are you doing?” Trying to squeeze running into my schedule while working full time, studying for my MSc… Continue reading Running at Stupid O’Clock

The ‘Which Running Shoe?’ debate

Born To Run by Christopher McDougall (2009) ignited a long awaited world wide debate on the multi million dollar industry that is the running shoe. Since then the debate has continued and the market has adapted accordingly. The worlds’ leading shoe manufacturers shifted their beliefs about supportive cushioning and ‘air’ filled gel heels to accommodate the modern,… Continue reading The ‘Which Running Shoe?’ debate